Daesung watching Game of Thrones gives me life.

"What was interesting recently was GAME OF THRONES and I was inspired to drink wine from this show. I want to drink wine like water just like the character in the show but I cant do it (laughs)" (+)


Anonymous: How good would you say Seungri is at speaking Japanese? He seems really talented!

He is! He’s proficient, for sure.

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Title: '눈,코,입(EYES, NOSE, LIPS)' COVER

Artist: Lydia Paek

Played: 42625 times

YG Family cover project 003 Lydia|Eyes, Nose Lips Cover|

A mix of some of my favorite tracks from yg duos
or collabs that deserve their own subunits
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My Dearest Homie

I’ll Always Be By Your Side

*original picture file link(English ver.)*
*original picture file link(Korean ver.)*



Based on the SNS conversation:
GDYB in 2014 summer


Based on the costumes or the hair-styles:
GDYB in Jan. 2014, Paris

Anonymous: If you're ever feeling down in the dumps just watch this /watch?v=4jR3rSKdKUs


Hiyaa finally I’m doing this! I’m in the middle of my final test, yet i have a thought to made this instead. I don’t know what’s going on with my brain. Well I made this because i want to thank all of those awesome people who always made my dashboard looks great & beautiful! Below there’s people i’ve followed for very very first blogging and there’s also blogs that i just followed recently, i love you all ♡

italic = mutual follow

b-wtabi // b-igbang // classifiedclover // cutebubblyvip // fortheheart-eater // fuckyeahitstop // gdragonswag // ggangpaeh // gn-a // hell-ogoodbye // hellyeahgdragon // ji-gasm // jihho // jiyongs-g-thong // koreandreamm // koreanghetto // kuro-shiroi // kwonbabo-ji // kwonzz // loveydust // mereglancez // moneypoopslove // mr-kwon-jidiot // no-8 // noticeme-senpai // panda-smack // realjiyong // revelie // seunghyonq // shekillmy-ego // southkoreans // tabloworld // topkun // twoneofakind // ughdaesung // unfbigbang // visualpolusyon // vitadolce-moderato // xiyinq

I feel like i missed some people, but i promise i loVE every single of my following! I follow 75 blogs, and they all are so perf, go follow them!

You’ll never fade.
fade to black.

Title: '눈,코,입(EYES, NOSE, LIPS)' COVER


Played: 88695 times

YG Family cover project 002 -Tablo|Eyes, Nose Lips Cover|

Anonymous: You mean theres gonna be more pain coming plz no where can I exit LMAO funny thing at first i thought ye he's kind of cool meh but then LMAOOOOOOOOOO he's so dumb and I like this kind of dumb ugh

Well, hopefully all the pain is behind us now haha. He’s really one of a kind (ha). Glad he grew on you though! He was an acquired taste for me too lol

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