Anonymous: Have your thoughts changed on Team B/Ikon now?

My thoughts are the same as before. Bobby is ♥.

haha I know you didn’t like them

???? you’re wrong though. Don’t put words into my mouth.

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CL with Model Park Soo Joo @ 140918 Moschino S/S Fashion Show in Milan!

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YG FAMILY @ 140912 NONA9ON 1st Launching Party (W Magazine Coverage)!

Chanel SS 2015 Front Row

Paris Fashion Week

Nobody can resist Dae’s buns

Anonymous: Does TOP have any brothers or sisters?

He has an older sister.

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Taeyang for 1st Look

Anonymous: one member who kept saying things that pissed you off? sorry, Im kind of?new to BB so I was wondering what kind of things (you don't have to say which member if you dont want to)

I’d rather not say anything else regarding that member. People tend to take these things really personally and I don’t have the energy to deal with that tbh lol 

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Anonymous: is it because a lot of drama he created recently with the lack of creation to made up for it? because that's what happened to me

Oh, are you talking about GD? Sorry to hear that that happened to you… Drama can be tiring.

That’s not what happened to me though. For me, it was a number of things. It started off with YG’s marketing/time management literally stressing me out and ruining my fan experience completely (fandom is supposed to be my escape, not another source of stress). Then, there was that one member who kept saying things that pissed me off (ruining OT5 for me).  It all snowballed from there.

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Anonymous: how have you grown apart from them? like, what is different from now than before? and are you still an into it fan?

I just don’t have the same interest in them as before. I don’t really feel the need/want to see what they’re up to, check out new videos, look at their social media, browse through photos, or do all the regular fangirl stuff I used to do.

I’m not sure what an “into it” fan is…

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Anonymous: have you grown apart from big bang? do you still love gd? :/

Yes, I have. A lot. 

IDK if I love him anymore. I still like and respect him and he’s still my bias in BB, but it’s just not the same as before. 

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Taeyang x First Look