Title: Cocky Rap

Artist: G-Dragon

Played: 1809 times

[What] Yeah/I AM BIGBANG/I’m the young generation/Everyday when I explode like BANG/It’s like explosion/Fuck off/Do your thang/My name’s GD Yo girls desire/Say I don’t know lies/Man I’m mista liar/Why do the mass singers talk so much/Whatever/Mic just give me one/8 Beat/Like sick nasty/I flip it yeah/If it’s a flow this quick/Run away if I were you/Go/Lower your eyes

[Hot Issue] Ay, ay b-boys & girls listen up/G.D. is get back/Now tilt in your ears/The world wants change/I’m the future’s leader/I’m the leading role in a popular drama/I’m the MC holding the mic/I’m soaking my body in beats/The 20-year-old El Niño who steals your heart/Fi-ga-ro, figaro, have a toast (today’s a special day yo)

[GD&TOP Intro] When I’m loving I immerse my girl I’m sizzling so that your mouth makes a “huk” (gasp)/I know how to play/Player don’t be funny with my money/When earning money earn it convincingly so it makes an “uk”(hundreds of millions)/Hater’s nights are long/Good night/My only equal is “Man in the Mirror”/Two men Born on 88/08/18/Just looking at that I have more luck/fortune than you/My height is small, but my girl is “kiko” (tall)/My voice is thin, but my pants zipper won’t stay up/Trust me and do what you want, I’m your G-spot I got the dragon ball, that’s the tip of the iceberg

[One of a Kind] I’m there at just one phone call/Number 1988-0818/ Someone try to hold me back/I’m ranked number one/Because I’m different/Because that’s me/Because no matter what I do, chaos ensues/ because I make trends/Because i change everything/This talent will never leave me

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